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Playtopia, in its colorful cheery décor and with paramount importance on hygiene and security, is a 2500 sq ft 2 tier soft play installation for Playgroup, Play Arena, Party area and a kiddy cake & bake café all inclusive and will be the perfect place to ensure a complete holistic, academic, play experience for your little hooligans to stay active, have oodles of fun and make great memories of their birthday parties! Birthday Parties - Birthday Parties - With Birthday themes ranging from Frozen to Jungle book , from Barbie to Dr Seuss, if your child has a favorite theme you can count on us to bring it to life! Playtopia is also becoming the destination of choice for corporate employees celebrating their family day events . With the play arena for all the little ones and a 50 inch TV hooked up to a really mean PlayStation with only motion games means the entire team has a world of fun. Boxing , Golf, Tennis, Archery, Bowling, Skiing and a host of other games is sure to get the heart pounding and your team burning of calories like they never have! Playtopia - because play matters !
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